I’ve been working with Donna for over 4 years. When I first met Donna I was unable to perform
daily tasks like sit in a chair, walk, turn my head, sleep, etc. without being in pain. I had been
dealing with extreme neck pain for 8 years prior to meeting her. I was told by two different
physical therapist offices unless I was able to get the muscle spasms under control they could
not treat me. Countless Doctors told me nothing was wrong and I would have to learn to live
with the pain. That was heartbreaking to hear. I went from being very athletic to not being able
live my daily life without pain and what seemed like endless medication.
When I met Donna she asked me what I was looking to get out of our sessions. My reply was, “If
you can get me back to running I will owe you my life.” Her response, “We’ll get you there but it
will be a long road”. I was skeptical given the past experiences but I was willing to try anything.
The rehabilitation sessions didn’t end with my neck. We worked through every injury I have ever
had. She explained how each muscle worked together with each movement. How muscles will
overcompensate for other muscles that weren’t doing their job. She held me accountable to the
homework she provided. I was the one who had to fix the problem, but she had the tools to get
me there.
Fast forward to now. I’m running again. I’m working out and lifting weights. I can carry and
play with my nieces without being in pain. I can walk, sit, sleep, do yard work, and live my life
the way an individual should; pain free. I owe Donna my life. She is the only one who listened
and gave me the tools to get better. She is amazing and very knowledgeable. I recommend her
every chance I get and forever will.
Faithe T

I've worked  with Donna Schneider for 7 years, due to recurring back pain that began over 20 years ago.  I had gone through the usual doctor visits, medications, and physical therapy, but nothing stopped the pain for long. My back kept acting up, keeping me from mundane tasks as well as fun activities.  It was debilitating and discouraging.  Then a friend pointed me to Donna.

Donna watched me walk, and kindly explained that everything is connected and only addressing my back pain would not be enough.  I was actually in pain when I went to our first visit, and went home after an hour without pain!  She had made simple adjustments to how I stood and walked that worked immediately.

I have not taken medications for my back since I met Donna.  I can now do anything I want for activity.  Over the past seven years, I've improved my body mechanics, posture , strength and stamina.  She recommended orthotics, and boy was she right!  Donna understands how bodies are supposed to move and know how to work with you so that your body moves correctly and without pain.

I return every few months for a "tune up" to make sure I am still doing the stretches and exercises correctly.  Donna is always encouraging and attentive, helping me live the active life I want, instead of being at the mercy of my back pain.  Donna gave me my life back and I cannot thank her enough.  Go see her, she's amazing.

Leah G.


Andover, MA