My Approach

Donna Schneider founded Pillar Health Care of Andover with a strong background in the conservative care of injuries.  She has successfully helped a wide range of clients; from professional and recreational runners, individuals with joint injuries from overuse or arthritis, children who want to continue to run and play, to grandparents wanting to be more physically active.

As a runner and someone who enjoys outdoor activities, Donna is not willing to accept the response to injuries that one should "stop if it hurts".  As a provider for 25 years, she has focused on research based information versus anecdotal or unscientific points of view to provide the most current methods for injury recovery. 

Donna has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and pursues continuing education from leaders in their field for injury treatment which helps her to look at the core or root of the injury.  Focusing on the important relationship of human locomotion and the musculoskeletal system that allows us to move, Donna looks at the injury by finding the cause of the issue and not simply treating the symptoms. 

With this approach, Donna has helped many people over the years to maintain and improve their function allowing them to have "ease of movement."


Donna Schneider